Пылесос VAX C89-MA-H-E обзор – видео

Vax C89MAB Mach Air Multicyclonic lightweight vacuum cleaner review

A detailed review of the Vax C89-MA-B multicyclonic cylinder vacuum cleaner. Reviews and purchase: http://amzn.to/1pkI7vQ At ...

Unpacking of Vax C89-P6N-P

Got a new cleaner, just a summation of whats in the box, need to have a go at my Jumper.

Vax Power 5 Pet Hoover

Review or the Vax Power 5 Pet Hoover.

Нажми на кнопку - получишь результат. Настя Задорожная и VAX Mach Air C89-MA-H-У

Кратко, ёмко и с юмором Настя Задорожняя рассказывает о том, на что способен пылесос VAX Mach Air.

How to change the Belt on a Vax Air Reach Vacuum

Changing the belt on this can be a pain but isnt as hard to do as it seems Amazon link to the new belt - http://amzn.to/2wSxqGj ...

Review: Vax Mach Zen Pet 2 C87-MZ-P Cylinder bagless vacuum cleaner (2013)

This is a look back at a Vax Mach Zen Pet, which I bought back in 2013 - its a multi-cyclionic machine and also comes with a full ...

Vax Zen Powerhead has lost suction due to blocked gauze filter

Alec from VacuumSpot shows you how to fix your Vax Zen Powerhead if it has lost suction due to a blocked gauze filter.

Vac Suction Loss

Does your Vax lose suction after a couple of months. Here is what to look for to return your Vax to a fully working Hoover.

Review Reply - Vax Power 5 Cylinder - Where are the Filters?

Thanks tmarmagh for your review of our C88-P5-B Power 5 Cylinder vacuum cleaner. You gave the product 4, which is great, but ...

VAX Cleaning Filter

Model Number: U85 I3 Be Impact Plus

Vax Zen review en unboxing (NL/BE)

Vax Zen aanschaffen? Ga naar: http://coolb.lu/vax-zen.

Vax Power 8

After a full strip down and clean. This poor machine was blocker solid!

ремонт пылесоса VAX C90-P1B-H-E не включается, простая неисправность

ремонт пылесоса VAX не включается https://kolyasin19.wixsite.com/mysite при переходе по ссылкам вам будет предложена ...

Changing the filter on your Vax Mach cylinder vacuum cleaner

Vicky from Vax shows you how to maintain and replace the filter on your Mach cylinder vacuum cleaner. Please note, these ...

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